Introduced in 2006, gradually implemented throughout 2007.

* Jersey: JE9 9AA* or JE99 9AA*. With a machine knowledge of the specific addresses handled by each postal walk at each office, the bundles can be further sorted using the dots of the inward sorting code so that each delivery round receives only its own letters. html >EMS WORLDWIDE TRACKING SERVICE

Switzerland: Bern (0.

* Nicaragua: 999-999-9

* Niger: 9999

* Nigeria: 999999*

* Niue: No postal code used. sa/en/ target= _blank > Post office of Saudi Arabia
(in English)

[edit] L-M

* Latvia: (LV-)9999*

* Laos: 99999

* Lebanon: 9999* in rural areas, 9999 9999 in urban areas.

more k Kabac, Kabacan, Kabalantian, Kabankalan, Kabasalan, Kabayan, Kablacan, Kablon, Kabugao, Kabulacan, Kabulanan, Kabulusan, Kabuntalan (Tumbao), Kadigasan, Kadingilan, Kagawasan, Kagay, Kaha, Kahapunan, Kahayagan. Post office of Ukraine (in Ukrainian) - State Committee for Communications validating postcodes php.

* French Southern and Antarctic Territories No postal code used. more j Jimokuji, Joetsu, Jonan, Joyo k Kadoma, Kaga, Kagawa, Kagoshima, Kahoku, Kainan, Kaita, Kaizuka, Kajiki, Kakamigahara, Kakegawa, Kakogawa, Kakuda, Kamagaya, Kamaishi, Kamakura, Kameda, Kameoka, Kameyama, Kamifukuoka. shtml >Switzerland

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: No postal code used. Examples of postcode districts include W1A , RH1 , RH10 or SE1P validating postcodes php.

* Estonia: (EE-)99999

* Ethiopia: 9999 The code is only used on a trial basis for Addis Ababa addresses. jp/yuujirou/eng/ >Japan Postal codes- Search (in English)

Freesearching s Zip and Postal code page - by Tom Kreaseck

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: No postal code used. Oracle Our Oracle libraries provide access to address management and bank validation functionality from within your Oracle database. * Martinique: Overseas Department of France..

* Ecuador: EC999999 Introduced in December 2007. In Geneva, there may be a digit after the name of the city when the generic Geneva code (1211) is used instead of the area-specific code (1201, 1202. 92600 Balochistan 78 VEHARI GPO 61100 Punjab 79 WAH CANTT. php >Papua New Guinea
- (in English) - complete postal code listing.

* Zimbabwe: No postal code used.

* Grenada: No postal code used. ..


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